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We have invested in the latest diagnostic equipment which is updated monthly to ensure we have all the latest data for current and upcoming models. The equipment plugs into the vehicle via its OBD port that allows our equipment to interface with your Engine Management (ECU). By doing this we can get live data from the vehicle (to check things are running how they should), Fault Codes (which could be the reason your Engine Management Light is on), Service Reset and many other functions.

    • Latest Equipment
    • Fully updated
    • Fully Trained Auto Technician

Diagnosing faults with vehicles is a science. Anyone can change components but whether it will make a difference, or cost you a lot of money, no one is to know. Getting advice from different sources is not always helpful either. Many symptons can be linked with more than one fault. That is why we recommend allowing us to use our diagnotic equipment to gather information from your vehicle. With newer vehicles the fault codes are becoming more precise and we can retify the fault quicker.
If you find you are having a fault with your vehicle, feel free to visit us to have a chat with our technicians.


We offer a full range of garage services to vehicle owners in Tucson. We can help you with everything from an oil change to an engine change. We can handle any problem on both foreign and domestic vehicles.

  • We make auto repair more convenient for you
  • We are a friendly and professional group of people
  • We handle a wide range of car services
  • Same day service for most repairs and maintenance
  • We get the job done right — the first time
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